Nolichucky West

What I Learned – Summertime

July has exciting monsoon storms here, August becomes muggy, September wears me out as the heat continues. But I look to the north where wildfires rage, to the east where floods are receding leaving devastation, and to the south where the ground has shaken the lives of so many and have to berate myself for […]

Vintage Button Flowers

I have mentioned before that I was the lucky one to inherit Grandma’s button box. It’s very full now, some are sorted by color and in mason jars on the craft room shelf, and others are still in this big old wooden box. I can spend hours sorting through and picking buttons for special projects. […]

Snail Mail Project-Vintage Postcards

I’m going to take a break from the world and think about grandchildren, snail mail, and vintage postcards. I have mentioned many times the trunk of Mother’s that was filled with correspondence and how I have been sorting, organizing, and making some tough decisions about it’s contents. I have been setting aside the postcards she […]

My Home, My Hobby-Vintage School Photographs

Autumn is my favorite season, but it’s not here quite yet. Today the outside temperature is ninety-six. I spent part of the morning in the garden trimming back sunburned roses and tomato leaves hoping for some more growth before winter. There are lots of little critters outside, a very large spider catching flies, a giant […]

Repurposing Vintage Books-Paper Flowers

It is 105 degrees outside and sunny, but everywhere I look folks are getting ready for Autumn. I just can’t, not yet, not until the highs are around eighty something. But I do feel like a change, summer is waning so I’m packing up all of my seashell collections and making room for something new […]

Vintage Notions and Pincushions

A month or so back I wrote about vintage spools of thread.  As I wrote earlier I have inherited Mother’s sewing supplies, and also Aunt Barbara’s. I probably have Aunt Ruby’s and Grandma Margaret’s too. I could never resist a bag of sewing supplies in a thrift store, especially if I discovered a vintage wooden […]

Vintage Silver

Mother often told the story of how she would stop and gaze in the window of a downtown department store at a beautiful silver tea set on her walk home from work each day. She then began to set a bit aside from each of her paychecks to invest in a silver tea pot. I […]

Snail Mail Project-Back to School

This photo’s caption read; ”The little green schoolhouse.” It was taken somewhere in Arizona and shows one of Aunt Barbara’s school chums. I’m hoping that on the other side of that hill is grass, trees, and a playground, but somehow I doubt that is the case. I wonder what it was like inside? I wonder […]

What I Learned In July

All of a sudden it’s the middle of August. This July I have been trying to tackle a new skill, stamping on metal. I have seen wonderful garden markers and serving pieces with simple words stamped on them I wanted to give it a try. I gathered together some little used or damaged silver pieces, […]

Catching Up On my Reading-July

While reading A Year of Puttery Treats by Alison May, I found the entry for June 17th to be very relevant to me. (Yes, I was a bit behind but am caught up now.) There is an entry in this book for each day of the year with ideas for making your home lovelier, and […]