Nolichucky West

A Small Guide to Vintage Hankies

A recent goal of mine was to learn more about textiles. I do have so much to learn about all of the different types of fabric and vintage handwork, but because I am continually amazed when I examine some of the handmade lace, crocheted edges, or tiny rolled hems on vintage handkerchiefs, I am continually […]

Things Change

It’s time for me to take a deep breath, consult with some computer experts, and repair a few things on this blog. I won’t be posting anything new for a couple of weeks, but will be spending time updating policy statements, restocking my  Etsy shop, finishing renovation projects around the house, while enjoying the last […]

What I Learned-Spring

      That’s my Nana, my father’s mother, with her wheelbarrow. I don’t know the year or the place, but I am crazy about that wheelbarrow, and those shoes. I spent a few days this spring distributing a ton of crushed granite around our newly remodeled swimming pool. I started with a wheelbarrow, but […]

Why I Am Red For Ed

Wednesday morning, bright and so early,  I donned my red cardigan and walked to the neighborhood elementary  school. There I stood along the busy street with the faculty, support staff, administration, and parents of that little school. I held up my “#Red For Ed” sign and waved as rush hour traffic drove past.  Here is […]

Little Paper Nests

The air is scented with orange blossoms, it has been sunny, breezy, and warm for weeks now. On the top of the arbor a little dove has decided to build her nest. She startled me with quite a ruckus when I went to trim the faded rose blooms.  She flew out quickly from her refuge […]

Snail Mail Project – Wishing On A Star

The grandchildren are going on a special trip to Disneyland for their Spring Break from school. I will be staying home to continue to supervise all of the renovations happening around me so I am mailing the grandchildren a vacation memory of mine along with a little spending money. I started this snail-mail project by […]

Vintage Buttons and Bracelets

I am feeling discombobulated from the hectic mayhem at our home due to renovation projects. I am always keeping in mind however that no matter how my calm daily existence is disrupted I am so fortunate to be able to have these kinds of projects underway. I recently explained the pool renovations, and now we […]

My Home, My Hobby – Renovations

This was the family swimming pool in about 1958. I’m not sure why I have such a sour face in this photograph, but it has historically been difficult to capture an image of me not sporting some sort of grimace. I’m sure I had a wonderful time in the backyard splashing in a few inches […]

Snail Mail Project- Valentines

I love this quote from JRR Tolkien . His books are on my list of titles to read next, although I am holding out for the day I discover an older thrift-store copy. I continue to look back fondly on Valentines’ Day from when I was teaching. It was always one of my favorite days. All […]

A Little Vintage Yellow Tablecloth

A little yellow tablecloth and four matching napkins recently found their way to me from an estate of a dear friends’ mother. This little tablecloth came from a home in a nearby tiny town that is boasts of a river, a multitude of pecan and cottonwood trees, and a population of about 2000 people. The […]