Nolichucky West

Vintage Buttons and Bracelets

I am feeling discombobulated from the hectic mayhem at our home due to renovation projects. I am always keeping in mind however that no matter how my calm daily existence is disrupted I am so fortunate to be able to have these kinds of projects underway. I recently explained the pool renovations, and now we […]

My Home, My Hobby – Renovations

This was the family swimming pool in about 1958. I’m not sure why I have such a sour face in this photograph, but it has historically been difficult to capture an image of me not sporting some sort of grimace. I’m sure I had a wonderful time in the backyard splashing in a few inches […]

Snail Mail Project- Valentines

I love this quote from JRR Tolkien . His books are on my list of titles to read next, although I am holding out for the day I discover an older thrift-store copy. I continue to look back fondly on Valentines’ Day from when I was teaching. It was always one of my favorite days. All […]

A Little Vintage Yellow Tablecloth

A little yellow tablecloth and four matching napkins recently found their way to me from an estate of a dear friends’ mother. This little tablecloth came from a home in a nearby tiny town that is boasts of a river, a multitude of pecan and cottonwood trees, and a population of about 2000 people. The […]

Snail Mail Project- Hello There!

Time and time again I believed I finished my search for written treasures in Mother’s old trunk. Then I discover a new one. This time there was a letter inside an accordion envelope along with old documents and newspaper clippings. It was from my father while stationed in Hawaii during Word War Two, to his […]

Repurposing Vintage Linens- Doily Snowflakes

I just finished reading a post from Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is. Mary is across the country from me and in bitter cold winter weather. I have on a light sweater, it’s raining, and I just finished sweeping the porch while listening to the rare sound of the rain drops on my […]

Catching Up on My Reading – December

As is my usual routine when the hub-bub of the holidays subside I straighten, organize, and tidy up. I felt it was time to go through my stacks of books once again and spent a couple of days reading and sorting, reading and dusting, reading and reminiscing. My parents were readers and collected books and […]

The Snail Mail Project- Christmas Greetings

  “ Peace on Earth”, a beautiful and relevant sentiment on a vintage card Mother had saved in her big trunk. Today it is very peaceful in my corner of this earth. It’s sixty-five degrees on the porch, and quite sunny. The leaves on the pomegranate tree are beginning to turn yellow. The kitchen is […]

A Repurposed Vintage Suitcase

The telegram reads,” Am starting on my way now and will be in Johnson City tonight. Go to bed early sleep well and I will visit you. Santa Claus.” A telegram from Santa Claus! It is dated December 25th, 1930 and is addressed to Mother and her brothers. She must have been nine years old. […]

More Vintage Buttons

This photograph of Mother is from 1951. I believe she had just arrived out west from her home near the Nolichucky River, but had not yet met Dad. I have been studying every detail of this photograph searching for items we still have in our home. I do recognize the little clock behind her. Right […]