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Catching Up on My Reading – Winter

As is my usual routine when the hub-bub of the holidays subside I straighten, organize, and tidy up. I felt it was time to go through my stacks of books once again and spent a couple of days reading and sorting, reading and dusting, reading and reminiscing.

My parents were readers and collected books and my grandparents were avid readers as well. I believe most of the vintage and antique books I now have belonged to my grandfather. He was a farm owner, lawyer, and from all accounts a kind, ethical man. He was without a doubt quite a reader. Most of his books have his name hand written in the front and sit inside an oak bookcase with glass doors that he had built to hold his collection. Some of his books are losing pages and worn, while others are almost pristine. I was once told it was the enclosed shelves of the bookcases and the low humidity of the southwestern weather that has helped so many survive so well.

As I looked through the books today I sorted them into three piles;

Books I love and want to keep as a part of my forever library,

Books I need to investigate further (Would they be of interest to a collector or should they be repurposed?),

Books that will be donated in hopes they will soon be adopted by a new owner.

There were a few surprises this time; books I may not have noticed in the past that I need to explore.

This book amazed me when I turned to the opening pages and discovered when it was published. It’s The Lost Books of the Bible published in 1926.


The pages are beautifully aged and there is a book plate with the name of an old family friend inside the front cover. I will need to explore this book further and maybe read a chapter or two.


The title of this book made me pause, Clouds ,Chords, and Calico. It’s a collection of poems published near the Nolichucky River and signed in the front by the authors. It was published in 1942.


The pages were made from a thick paper with deckled edges that were aged to a beautiful shade. There are poems in this volume I would like to peruse. ( I used a slice of polished petrified wood to help keep the page open while I took a picture.)


This Currier and Ives book was published in 1942. It’s titled Currier and Ives, Printmakers to the American People by Harry T. Peters. I’ve seen a few Currier and Ives prints but am curious to see a more complete view of their work.


The dedication also caught my eye; ” Dedicated to the memory of those resolute Americans whose sturdy achievements in building an empire provided inspiration for the prints in the Currier and Ives gallery”.


Many of the prints in this book were printed in black and sepia tones. The images are so much more than snowy Christmas card-like scenes.


Great quote for a book lover like me…so true.

I love the quote by W. Somerset Maugham, who was a novelist, playwright, and short-story writer during the 1930’s. It reminds me that there are days I want to go find the fictional Three Pines that Louise Penney describes in her Inspector Gamache series of books. If I was there I would probably start with a hike through the forest, visit the local bookstore, then enjoy a latte on the porch of the bistro, and finally snuggle in at the cozy B and B, but without a doubt I would leave the murder-mystery to the professionals.  I’m currently reading book ten in the series, The Long Way Home.

I just finished reading two of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Willa Cather’s novels, Oh Pioneer and Song of the Lark. Both were written in the early 1900’s and are stories of the everyday lives of frontier families. I will be reading more by this author without a doubt.

The new year means new home improvement projects around here. My 1955 kitchen is going to get an update. Before I work on my home I go to Leading the Artful Life by Mary Englebreit for inspiration.


Green and orange together is a combination I would never think of, but here it looks beautiful. This kitchen has always intrigued me. I do love the stone, the wood, the colorful tile and rugs in this particular kitchen.


Some of my handmade holiday gifts were inspired by Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major.


I covered tin cans with scrapbook paper to hold tiny plants. Then I used empty matchbooks to make “treasure boxes” for a grandchild’s coin collection.


Yes, I have not yet finished Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It’s fascinating and I have been reading snippets at a time. I have also started Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy  by Sarah Ban Breathnach again, for about the tenth time. It continues to offer me insights as I read the daily essays.


There are many books listed in my Etsy shop and I hope to be adding more soon. By the way, I have decided that I am not spending nearly enough time everyday reading and that needs to change. I’m off to go see what’s going on in Three Pines.

Thanks for listening. Take care.












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