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Catching Up On my Reading-July

While reading A Year of Puttery Treats by Alison May, I found the entry for June 17th to be very relevant to me. (Yes, I was a bit behind but am caught up now.) There is an entry in this book for each day of the year with ideas for making your home lovelier, and housework cheerier. She wrote of spending five minutes or so at the beginning of a summer’s day taking a stroll about the garden. Water plants, deadhead flowers, and listen to the birds sing. “I am not thinking of the stain on the carpet, or lack of food in the fridge, I am simply being. Agatha Christie once said to be alive is a fine thing.”

Alison May recommends taking something from the garden into the house daily;

“Make a daisy chain, fill an egg cup with buttercups, snip a single perfect rose and place it on your bedside, pluck a few tiny tomatoes for an omelette, make an ivy garland to string across your headboard, fill a pewter cup with grasses or cut lettuce for a salad. One tiny little something to remind you to just be.

Agatha Christie was an English novelist, short story writer and playwright. Her mysteries are on my list of books to read next.

“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”
— Agatha Christie
I read many books on my Kindle this month, but I still cherish books in print the most.

Growing up I loved mystery stories especially the Nancy Drew series by Caroline Keene. I have read them all and reread some. But lately I have become hooked by Louise Penney’s Inspector Gamache series. The book I read this month was Bury Your Dead. It is one of my favorites so far, so I’m anxious to read the next.

Nancy Drew books were written by a series of ghostwriters and published under the name Carolyn Keene.

Here are some preschool “mystery” books I pulled out to introduce to the little grandchild. I’m sure he will request The Happy Man and His Dump Truck  anyway so we might need to make our bedtime story routine a bit longer.

Have You Seen My Cat? is a classic by Eric Carle. It is a mystery as to where the cat has disappeared. In Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig the little donkey, Sylvester has mysteriously disappeared. Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells is another favorite. Nora’s whereabouts are pretty easily discovered because she is so noisy.
This is my favorite page from Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. There is such joy when his family was reunited. This book was actually on a banned book list at one time because the policemen in the story are portrayed by pigs.

My big grandson lent me his copy of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I cried at least twice while reading it. It should be required reading for every teacher, and everyone who aspires to be a better human. I’ll be reading the sequels soon.

I’ve just finished The Girl With the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier and have begun reading Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Both fascinating and are reminders of the resilience of children enduring harsh circumstances, and made me count my blessings, once again, to have been able to enjoy my peaceful childhood.

There is so much in this book, but it is so interesting. It inspired the Broadway musical by the same name.
Quotations For Kids is a reference book I frequently seek out when looking for a relevant quote or inspiration. It was a thrift store find.
In July I marked my some days on my calendar with Forest Feast-Gatherings  so I would get out of my hum-drum lunch time habits and try new recipes. This beautiful cookbook was written by Erin Gleeson, it really makes me want to pack up and move to the forest.
While eating lunch I peruse the recipes. I am making notes of my results on sticky notes. This recipe was delicious.

I followed Alison May’s advice this morning and brought in some tiny roses after a quick walk through my garden. I also watched a multitude of shiny green fig beetles around the palm and pomegranate trees. They are very plentiful this year, but they are harmless and beneficial to the garden. I do need to be careful though because they are very clumsy and can easily bump right into me as I putter around their flightpath.

Some tiny orange flowers from my garden are mixed in with some wildflowers and store bought blooms in a little blue cup.
These shiny green beetles bring back so many happy-summer-childhood memories.

There is one stuck on the porch. I need to rescue it. Thanks for listening. Take care.

P.S. There are a few Nancy Drew books listed in my Etsy shop.











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