Meet Nolichucky West

Really, Nolichucky West is me, Anne.

When I was about ten years old my mother bought me a subscription to a craft-of-the-month club. On the day my package arrived in the mail I would set up a big tray in the family room and become enchanted by my project. I wouldn’t notice my two brothers wrestling at my feet and would ignore being beaned in the head by a whiffle ball. I’m pretty sure my mother would make me eat and go to bed on time but I had found what made me tick; creating, making things, working with my hands.

I’m still like that. I can ignore the world around me, forget dinner, and would rather stay up extremely late than not have an opportunity to make something.

I grew up and still live in the Sonoran desert. It’s beautiful, I’m surrounded by mountains and three out of four seasons here are amazing. But I always felt I should live in the forest, so we travel there often. I allow my small garden to grow over the paths and wind around the arbors. In the spring time it reminds me a bit of The Secret Garden, one of my favorite books.

Here is a bit of my garden. There’s an old stump where the path turns. Roses, tomatoes, herbs are growing right now. October is almost like a second spring here.


I was a teacher, no I think I will always be a teacher, if we ever walk past a bug I will pick it up and ask you to look closely. I taught the littlest ones and there was never a day with out wonder.

There ‘s several caterpillars on my lime tree. We won’t have many limes soon, but we will have butterflies! I just had to show someone.


I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, with many life-long friends. I was blessed with  amazing parents and a family heritage that resonates quiet strength. I wouldn’t have the confidence to start this blog with out their support.


A Mother’s Day card from my father, Frank, to his mother. “All my love, eternally, Frank.”

I have a home I love. Sometimes it looks like a preschool classroom, sometimes it’s resembles a museum. I consider maintaining and decorating my home as one of my hobbies.

My favorite spot to sit: in the kitchen, next to the big French doors. It’s decorated for autumn with a vintage hankie garland and paper leaves,


I’m camera shy. I just googled,” Self portraits that don’t really show what you look like. ” I’ll let you know what I discover.

There’s a picture of me, holding my little grandson for the first time. These old crates are on the wall of my work room, filled with all kinds of fun and useful things. My picture is in the first crate on the bottom right.

I consider creating a necessity. I have learned a lot over the years and consider it a priority to continue learning.

Now that I have retired from full time teaching I  have some different  goals for the future in mind:

  • Continue to learn and remain enthusiastic about improving my mind and craft.
  • To actually make all of the things I have pinned on my Pinterest craft and tutorial board (There’s hundreds). Especially the items involving a scroll saw.
  • Memorize all of the lyrics to all of the songs and be able to sing them with gusto (like James Corden in “Car Pool Karaoke”) while I am driving alone in my car and not worry about what the driver next to me at the stop light thinks.
  • Lose track of time while exploring the garden, beach, and forest with my grandchildren.
  • Catch up on reading all the books I have wanted to read for the last 35 years.
  • Learn to be a blogger. I have a renewed respect for writers and photographers!
  • Spend all day with all of my supplies on a big tray in the family room enchanted by a project and not stop until I am finished.
    I enjoyed making this for my home. I used vintage linens, lace and buttons from my mother’s collections.

    When you read this blog this is what you will find:

  • The story of my Etsy shop and how it came to be. I’ll show you how I care for the vintage items there and how I’ve created some of the handmade goods.
  • Tutorials for crafts and projects I have tried.
  • Comments on meaningful books I have read.
  • Resources I’ve found for life-long-learning.
  • Thoughts and inspiration on navigating one of life’s transitions.

Thank you for your time. I hope you will visit again.