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More Vintage Buttons

This photograph of Mother is from 1951. I believe she had just arrived out west from her home near the Nolichucky River, but had not yet met Dad. I have been studying every detail of this photograph searching for items we still have in our home. I do recognize the little clock behind her. Right now that little clock is sitting on the bookshelf, it needs to visit the clock repair shop. Mother’s Christmas tree does seem a bit bare, lots of tinsel and lights, a few ornaments. It is still festive and sparkly, and looks lovely next to Mother.

I’m enjoying decorating my home for the holidays with the special knick-knacks and ornaments we have collected over the years. I am also crafting some of the projects that have been on my list of things I wanted to try. I followed a tutorial at Crafty Morning for making a button wreath, repurposing some items as well. This project also gives me a chance to display some of the vintage buttons I have collected.


Years ago, in 1981, my then-young children created some endearing works of art with oil paints on canvas. I have displayed them from time to time, but I decided to repurpose the little masterpieces for this project. They will be safely hidden underneath my button wreath for another day. I am also going to use some vintage white linen napkins, my white button collection, a staple gun, and hot glue.


With the painting face down on the linen I am just going to wrap the art canvas up like a little gift and staple the linen onto the wood part of the frame


The edges of this canvas are not flat, so the sides of my canvas will be a bit lumpy in spots.


A salad plate was just the right size so I traced it’s shape with a pencil. I’ll be covering up my pencil lines with the buttons.


Large plain buttons will become the first layer of my wreath.


Here is the first layer.


I stopped to sort the buttons so that I can make sure the most unique and beautiful buttons are visible. I’m looking for the glass, mother-of-pearl, and the ornate.


Here I added the second layer and made the wreath a bit wider.


The third layer included some of the special buttons I had set aside.


I stapled a ribbon to the back as a hanger. I’m very happy with the result and as always enjoyed using my button collection in a project.

While we are on the subject of vintage buttons I followed the tutorial at One Thousand Oaks to create this garland. This little tree sits on the back porch.

I hope to plant this tree up north after the holidays.

I have another canvas ready for a second button wreath, or should I make another garland?  I’m going to get started. Thanks for listening. Take care.


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