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My Home My Hobby- From Sea to Shining Sea

Earlier I wrote about the  sea shell collections and how I display them. When July rolls around I just make a few little changes to prepare for our nations’ birthday.

This funny old bag of American flag picks are the main element of my July decorating. Mother used these then saved them year after year. This bag is full of little flags of different sizes and ages.
Now the little flags are everywhere; in a pot of sea shells on the kitchen windowsill…
… in salt shakers and flower vases on the shelves with the red, white, and blue dishes…
…and in the tops of the little paper boats folded from map paper that sit next to jars of shells.

There are a few larger flags, saved from celebrations past that sit in potted plants and flower vases around the house.

Parts of my Father’s Day shrine are still on display. I added a flag to the vase of book paper flowers.
Here is another flag in a blue mason jar by a vintage tray on the kitchen counter. The flowers are from Trader Joe’s. The Queen Anne’s Lace reminds me of my summer vacations near the Nolichucky River. It also reminds me of Fourth of July fireworks.

Most of the summer is red, white, and blue around here. I’ve made little seasonal changes here and there. I’ll change it up again when fall approaches.

Here is that special spot in the kitchen right next to the French doors. Today there is a vintage hankie banner, a pillow made from a vintage tea towel, and red, white, and blue pitchers displayed on the top of the yellow pie safe.
On the back porch you will find an American flag inspired wall hanging blowing in the breeze.

I enjoyed preparing for the festivities. Here in the Southwest July brings another special time of year, the monsoon season. The day will start off hot and sunny but by mid-afternoon thunder clouds loom over the mountains. Sometimes all we get is lots of lightning and thunder, but on other days we will have a deluge, more rain than our streets and arroyos can handle.  We had our first big storm two days ago. We scrambled to move tables and chairs up away from the puddles filling the porch floor. Some of the rain was rushing in through the door but some began seeping in from the porch roof. The rain was badly needed without a doubt, and I’m hoping it will storm again today. From where I am sitting I see the clouds building over the mountains. It’s time to go check it out and make sure we are ready for the next round of Mother Nature’s spectacular show (and time to start planning those roof repairs.)

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