Nolichucky West

Vintage Notions and Pincushions

A month or so back I wrote about vintage spools of thread.  As I wrote earlier I have inherited Mother’s sewing supplies, and also Aunt Barbara’s. I probably have Aunt Ruby’s and Grandma Margaret’s too. I could never resist a bag of sewing supplies in a thrift store, especially if I discovered a vintage wooden […]

Vintage Silver

Mother often told the story of how she would stop and gaze in the window of a downtown department store at a beautiful silver tea set on her walk home from work each day. She then began to set a bit aside from each of her paychecks to invest in a silver tea pot. I […]

Snail Mail Project-Back to School

This photo’s caption read; ”The little green schoolhouse.” It was taken somewhere in Arizona and shows one of Aunt Barbara’s school chums. I’m hoping that on the other side of that hill is grass, trees, and a playground, but somehow I doubt that is the case. I wonder what it was like inside? I wonder […]

What I Learned In July

All of a sudden it’s the middle of August. This July I have been trying to tackle a new skill, stamping on metal. I have seen wonderful garden markers and serving pieces with simple words stamped on them I wanted to give it a try. I gathered together some little used or damaged silver pieces, […]

Catching Up On my Reading-July

While reading A Year of Puttery Treats by Alison May, I found the entry for June 17th to be very relevant to me. (Yes, I was a bit behind but am caught up now.) There is an entry in this book for each day of the year with ideas for making your home lovelier, and […]

Vintage Spools of Thread

Tucked inside vintage suitcases and baskets are my sewing tools and supplies; needles, hooks and eyes, snaps, thimbles, and spools of thread, many, many spools of thread. I have inherited Mother’s spools of thread, and also Aunt Barbara’s. I probably have Aunt Ruby’s and Grandma Margaret’s too. I could never resist a bag of sewing […]

Snail Mail Project-Connecting With Books

There is a very special spot in my backyard. It started out in 1955 as a brick planter in front of a trellis where presumably a vine would grow. By the time I moved in the planter was vacant and even though I may have the reputation of a green thumb I was never successful […]

My Home My Hobby- From Sea to Shining Sea

Earlier I wrote about the  sea shell collections and how I display them. When July rolls around I just make a few little changes to prepare for our nations’ birthday. There are a few larger flags, saved from celebrations past that sit in potted plants and flower vases around the house. Most of the summer […]

What I Learned In June

I finished reading Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I have read it two or three times before, but this time it seemed to resonate more within, perhaps because I am going through one of those life changes she wrote eloquently about. She spoke of simplicity, of filling your pockets with every beautiful […]