Nolichucky West

Snail Mail Project-What’s Hiding?

I was in Mother’s big trunk again, this time I tried to formulate a plan on how I would decide what to keep and what to recycle. The only conclusion I arrived at was that I need to save all of the cancelled postage stamps and I should send some of the old letters and […]

Monday Wash Day-More About Vintage Linens

  There is a tablecloth on every vertical surface in my house except for the kitchen counters and the bathroom sink. I think textiles’ purpose is to create a cozier environment and soften sound. (Remember beautility?) As a teacher I put a table cloth in the pretend center and on the table by the door […]

Snail Mail Project- Puzzles and Postcards

I was in Mother’s old trunk again looking through the postcards she kept there. The cards are from vacations her friends and family took over the years. From places nearby to the other side of the world. One written in 1942 from Bermuda said,”  The moon and the sun are both beautiful. I actually have […]

What I Learned in February

  We are headed to the mountains. From an elevation of 2238 feet to 6804, prickly pear and sahuaro to ponderosa pine and aspen,( affectionately known as shakey-quakeys). Twenty degrees cooler as a rule. I’m riding along next to Teddy Roosevelt, my super fuzzy pup. Teddy Roosevelt is five, or six, or seven years old. […]

Catching Up On My Reading-February

I’ve been a Gilmore Girls fan from the beginning and secretly hope to find a desert version of Stars Hollow soon. The show offered stories that included books and food and coffee, witty fast paced conversations, and books. On Blogs of a Bookaholic  there is a list of 349 books that were read or mentioned […]

Life in General- Seeds in the Garden

I don’t remember Mother in the garden much. Father was the outdoor guy. But my grandmother could put potato skins in a vacant planter, then weeks later we would be shocked at what had emerged and what we could harvest. One of the highlights of our trips to her home near the Nolichucky River was […]

Snail Mail Project- Valentines

As a teacher Valentines’ Day was always one of my favorite days. All year long I would save big coffee cans we would transform into mailboxes. The children could decorate them with paint or stickers or both. I would look forward to circle time where we would sign and sing ,”Skid-A-Ma-Rink.” and read stories about […]

My Home, My Hobby

My parents were quiet folks, but they both loved and understood the power of words. Sometimes still to this day, a slip of paper will fall from the pages of a book, and when I read it I find it might just be the words of wisdom I need. I keep these important words and […]

Snail Mail Project- February Calendar

  This letter was to Mother from her grandmother, written in 1953. Look at how it begins,” I think I owe you a letter.” Great-grandmother goes on to describe her amazement at how many friends Grandmother has and that although neither one of them likes to go out much they always have plenty of company. […]

What I learned In January

I have this jar of pencils I’ve saved as a special reminder of Mother. She would use the same pencil until it practically disappeared. There was usually one sitting right next to her television schedule and her notes about the days’ weather report.   This hankie hangs up above my kitchen window. To me it’s […]