Nolichucky West

My Home, My Hobby

My parents were quiet folks, but they both loved and understood the power of words. Sometimes still to this day, a slip of paper will fall from the pages of a book, and when I read it I find it might just be the words of wisdom I need. I keep these important words and […]

Snail Mail Project- February Calendar

  This letter was to Mother from her grandmother, written in 1953. Look at how it begins,” I think I owe you a letter.” Great-grandmother goes on to describe her amazement at how many friends Grandmother has and that although neither one of them likes to go out much they always have plenty of company. […]

What I learned In January

I have this jar of pencils I’ve saved as a special reminder of Mother. She would use the same pencil until it practically disappeared. There was usually one sitting right next to her television schedule and her notes about the days’ weather report.   This hankie hangs up above my kitchen window. To me it’s […]

Pretend Flowers

  I’d like to say I’m a gardener. I do like to go out there everyday and putter, but if we ever had to live on what I manage to grow we would be in trouble. The roses have been my one great success. I showed you my last vase of white roses for this […]

Catching Up On My Reading- January

I’ve read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin a couple of times and wrote about it last month. In chapter 5, ‘’May: Be Serious About Play” the author discusses her love for children’s literature and the book club she formed. She included a quote by C.S. Lewis that is so relevant to me: “When I […]

Snail Mail Project-Snowflakes

My aunt and I have had a little tradition of sending mail that rains confetti. The first one was a bit of a shock for her as tiny bits of tissue paper showered over her newly vacuumed rug just before her dinner party. But she soon reciprocated and it is a card that I cherish. […]

My Home, My Hobby

It does snow here. Sometimes it sticks to the ground, and sometimes it stays until noon. It has been very warm lately and I think my favorite rose bush isn’t sure about what to do so it is just busy blooming. I’ll be pruning it in the next day or two. The holiday decor is […]

Life in General-Keeping Memories

  I showed you this book a few weeks ago, Mothers daily devotional. She wrote every day’s happening in here too, year after year. I know in January our dog had puppies, grandson got sand in his eye, there was snow on the grass, and cousin was deployed to Iraq. She also recorded four presidential […]

Rick Rack, Ribbon, and Lace

One of the magical boxes of treasure Mother would show me from time to time was full of handmade lace made by her grandmother. We would marvel at the intricacy and she would say,” What am I going to do with all of this?” There were collars and cuffs, squares, and tatted edging. There was […]

Snail Mail Project-Pocket Thank You Cards

There is a big trunk in the corner of the room and when ever I open it I become lost. It’s full of old letters and clippings, writing from the pens of loved ones long gone. I opened it today and read this lovely letter from my dad to Mother before they were married. It […]