Nolichucky West

Catching Up On My Reading- Books about Books

  I came from a line of readers, you can read more about that here. I grew up loving books, Nancy Drew, Beezus and Ramona, Laura Ingalls Wilder were some of my childhood friends. I got so busy later on I neglected my own needs and wants as far as my reading life was concerned…until […]

Snail Mail Project

Mother moved out west , far from home and family. She regularly corresponded with her brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandmother. She saved so many of her letters and I am still trying to read them all. Recently I ran across a letter from my father to his mother, my Nana, narrating the story of […]

What I Learned in November

Two years ago my daughter gave me a book, Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. Along with the book she gave me encouragement to tell the story of my Etsy shop in a blog, to let folks know why it is the way it is. I have read Blog Inc.  twice now. It took two […]

Book Collectors

  I agree with John Steinbeck about books. (I did enjoy reading some of the ones he wrote.) I’m going to write a lot about books. I read them daily and I reading aloud daily to my children and students was an essential part of our routines. I can still picture my father in the […]

The Corner Cupboard

The Corner Cupboard I mentioned Mother’s corner cupboard in an earlier post. We did find a perfect corner, spot created when the former owner’s home addition went awry.  I’d take a picture for you, but I’m sure it would be too dark. I pass by the corner cupboard everyday, it’s in a little hallway right […]

More of the Story-Vintage Linens Thrift Store Rescue

I discovered decades ago as a teacher I wanted my classroom to be beautiful and unique. I wanted my students to be able to explore different textures and materials. I wanted them surrounded by books, hundreds of them, the best ones. Interesting things to count, puppets, wooden cups and bowls to measure with, and baskets […]

Monday Washday-Vintage Linens

One of the things I now regularly schedule in my week is caring for  vintage linens. Mother often told stories of her life by the Nolichucky and the lovely gatherings she would help prepare. Beautiful linens, dishes, centerpieces, candles as well. She continued collecting and entertaining as she went out on her own. I remember […]

Life In General – My Planner

So now I am retired, officially, on paper and in my heart, for 33 glorious days so far. I loved my career but there are so many wonderful things right here in my own little world I need to explore. I am trying to make life simpler, but I am still a super organized person, […]

Way Out West

  Here is the reason my lovely little mother stayed out west, this handsome guy: World War Two Veteran First in his family to graduate from college Super sports fan (Their first date was a college football game) Mister Fix-it Supreme, Jack- Of- All -Trades Life-long learner Kind, intelligent, remarkable man and father He served […]