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Repurposing Vintage Linens- Doily Snowflakes

I just finished reading a post from Mary at Home is Where the Boat Is. Mary is across the country from me and in bitter cold winter weather. I have on a light sweater, it’s raining, and I just finished sweeping the porch while listening to the rare sound of the rain drops on my roof. But Mary and I are  thinking much in the same way; wanting to wind down from the holidays and enjoy the decorations and lights for a few more days. She writes about her “winter nesting tree” and shows lots of great photographs of the special tree she created for the new year.

Years ago I began my tradition of hanging up “snowflakes” in January. I made my “snowflakes” by repurposing a tattered crocheted vintage table cloth. I made more this year so I can turn my desert habitat into a cozy “winter wonderland” .

Santa Claus and all of the bright red and green of the holidays have been packed away. In their place, hanging in the window, silhouetted by prickly pear, mesquite, and Sahuaro are some “snowflakes” . They were made from cutting apart a shabby vintage crocheted tablecloth and applying fabric stiffener and a bit of glitter. I added more “snowflakes” to our potted Norfolk Island pine tree.


Some of my materials for this project were gathered together so I could work on the porch. This doily is very old and some of the circles have begun to pull away. The other doily snowflakes on the tray were made years ago and will be hung up soon. There is also glitter, scissors, a paintbrush, wax paper, and “Stiffy” fabric stiffener to make the new “snowflakes”. Later I will need string and hooks for hanging.


Here you can see how someone once tried to repair this doily by sewing the loose circles together. You can also see how delicate and charming the little circles are. They will make wonderful “snowflakes”.


So I simply began snipping each little circle where it was joined to the larger doily.


Soon I had quite a pile of little circles. The remainder of the doily will be saved for another purpose.


The circles were laid out on wax paper and Stiffy was applied with a paint brush. Before the Stiffy dried I sprinkled on some glitter.


Just to make sure they didn’t become stuck to the wax paper that had become puddled with Stiffy I moved them to a clean sheet for more drying time. This also helped me contain the loose glitter.


When they were dry I strung a few on a string to hang as a garland.


Some of the circles were placed on hangers and will be decorating the plants. I think I will have enough for a second garland that will hang above my desk.


Here is one garland strung across the bookshelf with antlers and birds’ nests on top. The little picture in the white frame is Mother as a young girl sitting on the steps of her home on the banks of the Nolichucky River.

The sun just poked it’s way out from behind the clouds, the rain might be over. The birds will be throwing quite a party soon. There are English sparrows, house finches, cactus wren, hummingbirds, gila woodpeckers, gold finches  and towhees in the backyard. Occasionally a cardinal couple stops by and once in a while there is a vermillion flycatcher. Maybe this is the “south” they are rumored to fly to in the winter. I’ve got some bread crumbs ready to take to them.

Thanks for listening. Take care.






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