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Snail Mail Project- Hello There!

Time and time again I believed I finished my search for written treasures in Mother’s old trunk. Then I discover a new one. This time there was a letter inside an accordion envelope along with old documents and newspaper clippings. It was from my father while stationed in Hawaii during Word War Two, to his mother back in Arizona. The letter is dated May 9 ,1945 also known as Victory in Europe Day or VE Day. This day is remembered as it was the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender. The war in Europe was over. My father reported hearing of the noisy celebrations around the world, while on the Pacific front the news was received  quietly and prayerfully. He wrote “The governor  of the Territory in his VE day proclamation stated that so long as he can look up and down the streets of Honolulu and see soldiers and sailors about to set sail for a far Pacific battle-front there would be no celebrations here.”

Here is a closer look. The paper is a delicate onion-skin like texture, and Father’s cursive penmanship is still very legible .

He goes on to talk about the desert, mangoes, and asks questions about friends, and family. He explains the meaning behind his Pacific Ocean Area shoulder patch.

Father concludes his letter with,” I received your super-swell letter of April 26th. You pack a wicked wallop with that pen hand of yours. “

Needless to say this letter will be saved and treasured. Months ago I made a special folder from a repurposed book to organize all of the special mail I have been finding. For now I will store it there.

I’m missing the grandchildren, but I will be visiting them soon. I decided to send them just a little note to say “Hello”.

I am headed out to the porch to work on these little greetings. I have my tray loaded with a stack of used greeting cards to repurpose, envelopes, stamps, pens, scissors, paper punches, washi tape, rubber stamps and a stamp pad.


After sorting through the cards and picking out a few that would work in this project I used the paper punches to make circles.


There are snowy Sahuaros and sparkly balloons, colorful scenery, and solid colored circles.


This was a good opportunity to write with my silver pens. I turned over each circle and wrote a simple message.


The circles were divide into two piles, one for each grandchild. The amazing vintage stamps from Pack and Post were interesting to sort through to choose the ones that would be on my letters.


I added some hand stamped images of snowflakes, and some questions to the outside of the envelopes. On one envelope it asks a thought provoking question for a desert dwelling kid ,” Do you think we will see snow?”


Washi tape, secured with additional glue was added to the front of the envelopes. Then I stuffed the little circles inside.


Here is a closer look at the stamps and another question, “Hmmm, when was the last time you saw snow?”

It’s time to put these letters in the mailbox. I enjoyed this little project and I hope it brings smiles to the grandchildren. I just heard that the price of first class postage will change on January 21, 2018 to $.50. I am going to to learn about other changes.

Thanks for listening. Take care.






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  1. I love your Etsy store and so glad I “clicked” further to read about your site-so inspiring! Thank you! And please sign me up! Sincerely, Linda

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