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Vintage Buttons and Holiday Flowers

Two vintage trunks sit in the living room. One functions as a coffee table, with television remote controls and magazines on top. The other holds the television. Inside both is my treasure of holiday ornaments and decorations. As soon as Thanksgiving winds down I open the trunks and place all of their contents across the dining room table. This year I was so excited about opening those trunks I could barely sleep the night before.

Our home has been the site of many holiday parties, children’s Christmas parties, Graduation-Christmas parties, Going-Away Holiday parties, Crafting-Christmas parties, and so on. So I had accumulated boxes and boxes of holiday decor. Over the last few years I have whittled down that collection to the contents of those two charming trunks. This year I am going to whittle it down some more.

There were quite a few bunches of artificial poinsettias, mostly from The Dollar Store. It is time for all but a few of them to go.

Last month I had  the same sort of inspiration with all of the artificial sunflowers I had collected. Here are a few in the corner of the  coffee-cup-shelf where I could look at them everyday and examine the details in those lovely buttons.  I simply used hot glue and my vintage buttons to make a flower that I enjoyed gazing at all month long. I’m going to repeat this project with a few of the poinsettias.


It’s always a pleasure to search through this big box of buttons. Today I was looking for green and gold buttons to rest in the center of the red poinsettia bloom.


Along with the flowers and buttons I gathered together the hot glue gun, big scissors, and wire cutters.


The flowers had small plastic balls in the center, cutting them off worked the best in order to leave enough of the flower’s center to support glue and buttons.


The poinsettia  bunches had flowers missing, so I cut each stem from the larger bunch using wire cutters. This also makes it easier to arrange the flowers in my small pitcher when I am finished.


Then I just started gluing the buttons on to the center of the flower using hot glue. Most flowers had three buttons in the middle, others had more.


Here are some of the newly finished poinsettias in a large red vase.


There are a few more in the little white pitcher in the kitchen window.


I can pack them away at the end of the season in my old trunk where they will fit nicely. I’m sure I will be happy to see them again when the season rolls around once more in 2018.


The gift of time has been such a treasure in these early days of my retirement. This year as I “deck the halls” it is being done at a more leisurely pace, with lots of cleaning, organizing, and downsizing added in. It’s time for me to get my wooden train set arranged around the center of the dining room table. It will hold the salt and pepper shakers and maybe some treats. I love having the little train at the table with us. I think the grandchildren like it too.

Thanks for listening. Take care.




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